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Santa Bob placing magic into his bag

Where Do You Need Santa?


Company/Corporate Events or Promotions

 Have Santa help set the Christmas mood at your company's event/sale.  Here Santa greets family's selecting Christmas trees at a local nursery.  


School Events/Fairs

 Santa can come to your school Christmas or Winter fair to delight the children, pose for 'selfies' or even pose for professional Santa pictures and save a trip to the mall! 


Photo Sessions

Photo shoots or mini-sessions for that perfect Magic Santa Experience 

Community Celebrations

Reston Town Center Parade 2018


Reston Town Center Tree Lighting


Reston Tree Lighting


Home Visits or Parties


Sometimes when Santa is going over the 'NICE' list, he just can't believe there could be that many nice children in one home.  

So he might 'pop in' just to see for himself!

A surprise home visit from Santa always thrills!

"Sneak & Peaks"


Starting Christmas 2018

Imagine the look in your children's eyes as they peak around a doorway or over the couch to catch Santa on Christmas Eve!

Santa doesn't notice them as he places their presents under the tree, comments on how these are his favorite cookies and about how much Prancer will like those carrots you left. 

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The Claus Family

Santa and Mrs Claus and their favorite elves (Grandchildred)

Santa and Mrs. Claus and their six favorite elves (Grandchildren)

Why Choose 'Hey Santa!'?

Certified Professional Santa

Santa Bob is a Certified Professional Santa.

Santa Bob is a Certified Professional Santa 

Having achieved CPS demonstrates that a Santa has  achieved “certification” in the Santa Claus industry. Like a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, but just for Santa Claus performers. 

Clients will know the Santas they are viewing are of  highest quality, integrity and experience. Each Santa  has a clean, recent, NATIONAL BACKGROUND check on file and carry s  entertainers’ insurance. 

Graduate of PSCS (Professional Santa Claus School)

ir amazing careers!


Since 1983, Professional Santa Claus School of Denver has provided comprehensive education and training,

courses, classes and conferences,

unique Santa accessories and supplies,

and been committed for 35 years,

to seriously supporting, mentoring and nurturing over 2100 top rate Professional Santas and Mrs. Clauses

to success in their amazing careers!

Member of IBRBS


Santa Bob is a member in good standing of the IBRBS,  a fraternal organization of Santa's and Christmas performers stressing professionalism and ongoing training.

Gold Member of the Santa Claus Conservatory


Santa Bob is a paid Gold Member of the Santa Claus Conservatory, an online training and education site. 

Member of ClausNet


ClausNet is an exclusive network only for professional Santa's for the purpose of sharing information and knowledge on how to be the very best Santa possible. 

A First Class Santa

Attention to Detail = Authentic


There is certainly more to being Santa than wardrobe. But a poor quality, ill-fitting 'rental' type suit with vinyl belt and plastic boot tops can destroy the magic before it begins.  Santa Bob wears premium bespoke outfits, (100% custom tailored wool suits and robe) that cost well over $2500.  He wears $1000 custom hand-made all leather boots, made specifically AS Santa boots with hand-stamped holly ornamentation.  His belts are all hand-worked leather with beautiful craftsman-made heavy metal buckles.   Dry cleaning the suit alone costs more than the best 'party store' Santa-in-a-box suit. 

The point here is not to flaunt, but to stress the attention to detail  we believe is required to achieve the authenticity that will make your child's Santa experience one he or she will never forget.

So, though there may be cheaper ways to provide a Santa for your event, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one!